What Is B.Look

The First Real-Time Attendance & Tracking Application for Staff even with Vehicles that work (Remotely, in the field, In-house and Freelancers) using Smart Phone App and compatible with different Industries and Business Needs

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No Matter what is your business category, you will find a customized solution to empower your team

Staff Tracking

Sales & Reps


Vehicle Tracking

Logistics & Distribution


Tour Guide

Telecom Staff

Security Staff

Constraction Staff

Maintenance Process

Resue Staff

Customized Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

B.Look helps companies gain perspective on their business operations and enhance the process of transforming unstructured business data from outdoor and indoor operations into reportable data sets and visualizing that data into graphs and tables that expose valuable insights. The Web and Mobile App Solution often creates automated reports and dashboards that can be deployed to end users, as well as non-technical user interfaces for business users to either slice and dice data on their own or perform ad hoc reporting which will replicate to increase productivity for different fields by 25% - 40% with reference to many success stories with our worldwide customers.

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Mobile App is Compatible with Locations that haven’t any Mobile Coverage

No Matter your staff located in areas with no network coverage, our creative engineers have invented new algorithms to make the mobile app record all data offline and find the location with many ways even without GPS network and submit all records when their mobile find any internet connection one day

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Customized Mobile App for Indoor Staff Attendance

Why you use different Systems of different categories for your organization to track and manage your staff attendance and Tasks. B.Look is also created for Indoor Staff / Employees to Check-In/Out during Fixed/Variable Working Hours

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Now HR Staff have an Access to Automated Structured Data for Outdoor Staff

Human Resource Module is an easy way to Export Detailed Attendance History and could be integrated with ERP and CRM Systems using our APIs. Every Tiny Move during working hours is recorded automatically including Staff Overtime & Delays and easy to export for payroll

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Send Notifications & Tasks to Staff in the Field & Vice Versae

Digitizing Field Report / Tasks by allocating Smart To-Do Lists / Tasks with Places to visit Managers can Create To-Do Lists or Report Templates to Turn Filed Reports into Digital and the Staff Could Submit the Assigned Reports based on Targeted Locations

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Geo-Fencing Capability to Search for Staff, Vehicles and All Places in any area

You can Create/Select your working Regions/Areas with our smart tool and watch live real operations statistics

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Real Time Targeted Places, Violations and Incidents Recording

Customized Categories of Places to visit that relate to your Business and shared between other Staff. All Staff Responses Could be Submitted with Live Pics and Real-Time Location

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