Solution Components & Features

Smart Phone App

For Staff (Field & Indoor)

Web Server

For Supervisors & Managers


Staff Check-In/Out on the Targeted Location

View Detailed Attendance History

Real Time Targeted Places, Violations and Incidents Recording

Customized Categories of Places to visit that relate to your Business and shared between other Staff. Places could be Sites, Warehouses, Customers’ Locations including Location, Live Pictures and related data

Real Time / Offline Tracking for your Staff & Vehicles

Supervisors and Managers have full control on the way to track/manage their staff and vehicles with different accuracy levels. Don’t worry if your staff disabled GPS, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Override the Speed or even changed the clock, you will catch him

Geo-Fencing Capability

Plot your Selection Area on Google Maps to Search for your Staff, Vehicles, Customers’ Locations, Different Places Incidents and Violations just by One Click

Digitizing Field Report / Tasks by allocating Smart To-Do Lists / Tasks with Places to visit

Managers can Create To-Do Lists or Report Templates to Turn Filed Reports into Digital and the Staff Could Submit the Assigned Reports based on Targeted Locations

Attendance Tracking System for HR

Human Resource have an access to Attendance Tracking System (ATS) Module and can Export Detailed Attendance History like Check In/Out time, Distance from Targeted Location, Delays, Overtime...etc and can be used for payroll and other performance reports

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